Firefox plugin-container.exe install hook

Hi I 'm new at this so I hope this makes sense. I have Comodo vers. 3.0 25 37
xp home, ser. pack 3. Defense+ is blocking plugin container when on BBC website, I think it has to do with video/flash player as video will not play on this site. Youtube ok, but will not go to full screen, so I think it is connected.
I have allowed it on My own safe files, Trusted software vendors, no luck. Any ideas as to how I can get this allowed? Thanks

Write a defense+ rule for plugin container.
If using Firefox 3.6, plugin container is in:
Set to custom.
Edit access rights, allow dns, keep everything else to ask.
Edit interprocess memory: allow the path of Firefox, like X:\Firefox\Firefox.exe
Go to protected files, allow \Device\Afd\Endpoint
Apply and exit.

Now go to the firefox.exe item itself.
Give the path of plugin-container as an allowed executable.
Apply, exit.

Apply and quit defense+ settings.

 Hi Brucine, sorry for not getting back to you earlier. Thanks for the info, I got Comodo to accept plugin container in comp. policy OK. Didn't fix problem with video though so must be to do with one of the other 

firefox plugins, flash or realplayer maybe. I’ll keep “plugging” away.

As far as i have seen (, and when plugin container is allowed, no other media format, but only needed allowance for javascript (Noscript) for 2 bbc urls.
The only specific plugin i have is Shockwave Flash.

Please provide a specific url if it still does not work.