Firefox, Other Programs Take A Long Time To Load

Hello folks,

After installing CIS version 3.5.57173.439 I have ran into an interesting problem. These problems began occurring ONLY AFTER the installation of CIS.

Please see my DxDiag located here to answer any general computer performance questions:

Defense+ is disabled. This fixed problem “B”, but not problem “A”. The computer has been turned off over night since then, but still exhibits this problem…

A.) Opening Firefox. Firefox.exe is placed in memory (can be viewed in the list of running processes) but no visual interface appears. Counting slowly, it remains in this “limbo” state for 50 seconds before appearing on screen.

No prompts from CIS ever appear. Firefox has been added to my list of trusted applications. Also, the Firefox directory has been added to the “My Own Safe Files” list.

B.) When Defense+ is enabled, my USB stick’s U3 Launchpad application (the tray icon that gives access to the U3 menu) does not ever load. I disabled Defense+ last night and have once again been able to load the application.

These appear to be the only two problems. I’m primarily concerned with the issue with Firefox. Disabling Defense+ did NOT fix the problem with Firefox.

My other two browsers, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, both load as they always have.

To reiterate, this problem only began after installing CIS. No plugins have been added since then. Starting the Firefox browser in safe mode does no good because even then the browser takes just as long to appear on screen. Something other than plugins is going on here.

Thanks for your time. =)