Firefox-like Master password feature

Hi, I’m currently using Firefox 3.6 and, after having tested MSIE8, Opera 10.10 and Apple Safari, and Dragon appears to me as a very sexy and fast browser. I think I’m definitely ready to switch to Dragon - and make other people around me do the same - but I think there is one major feature missing here. Firefox 3 has a Master password feature - a kind of SSO - to protect user passwords.
Question - Is there any chance that this also exist in Dragon ?

Thank you for a positive reply!
We have added Master password into a list of desired features, and will consider it in our next releases

this has been discussed a million times already on Google Chrome forums; Google at least doesn’t seem to be ready to implement that at all. My best guess is that passwords, appearing in clear in Chrome’s interface, and being encrypted in:
C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Web Data

using Windows EFS certificate, they cannot associate this with a master password, as data decrypted using EFS is decrypted transparently at login time.
Now I don’t know if Comodo custom version of Chrome/Chromium supports extensions, if yes your only way out is to use an external online and secured service called “lastpass”.

ps: Google will probably implement a native master password in their browser version in Chrome OS later this year…just guessing.

I’d also like to request a secure password manager. I have thought about using lastpass, but am not sure how secure passwords will be, using a free 3rd party service. I also use keepass, which is pretty decent, but in some instances, a secure password manager built into the web browser would be more convenient.

The only reason I won’t switch to Comodo Dragon is because it doesn’t have a master password. Dave

can anyone one think of a good reason not to add a master password feature. if not then why is this even a debate? if there’s any harm that could come from adding this then just fix it and make one that’s better than the ones that already exist.

i know easier said then done maybe but if we focus on what’s holding us back from getting things done instead of looking for ways to conquer what’s holding us back then we will never conquer. don’t just look at what’s possible today. look at what can be made today from scratch to make things possible

This is one of the main reasons why I went back to Firefox when I first tried Chrome couple of years ago.

Today I gave Chrome (Dragon) another try and was happy how most other annoyances was fixed now. I was ready to ditch Firefox when I noticed that this huge stupid fail in design decision was still present.

I’ve read that Googles lame excuse is that having a master password give users false security. I think it’s better than nothing and will at least prevent your nosy friends from having a quick peek at them. It’s like telling a company not to use firewalls because they are false security because there are ways around them. Somehow I can accept that Google don’t care because, well, they are Google. But I’m surprised that Comodo that is all about pioneering and security haven’t done something about it.

Like someone else wrote earlier in this thread I’m not keen on trusting a third party solution with this. So if it comes to that or staying with Firefox I think I’ll stay with Firefox. It’s master password system is secure enough for my needs.

So this is my bump to put this on top of the list and hopefully being able to switch to a browser from Comodo which I’ve come to trust and love while using the amazing CIS! (some buttering up never hurts ;))

“IF” they are able to remove the tracking, that google has been known for, and other things they dont like from Chrome, then why arent they able to employ their own adds, omits, tweaks and master password goodies regardless of what Google does w/ chrome? or have we been duped into believing that any of these things have indeed been removed, especially the tracking? :-\

For those requiring a Master Password function you might find the below will be of interest. :-TU
Comodo Dragon ver 24.3 beta is now available