Firefox is broken after my new Comodo FW Install

I just installed Comodo and I am running FFX (Firefox)

I did search the forums for this problem and havent found any solutions. Google also revealed no problems similar to this so I am a little confused. Immediately after I installed Comodo FW3 Firefox started to act up bad. On pages with javascript the scripts now stop responding and I get an error from ffx to stop or continue. These are pages that were open and loaded no problem before I installed Comodo and stopped responding after the system restart and I opened ffx again. I also had Spybot SD running with the bad web blocker running when I installed comodo however I disabled that when trying to troubleshoot the problem. It is still disabled and ffx still wont load scripts. I also thought the problem could have been Comodos image scanner and perhaps images that were loaded through javascript. I disabled that as well. Still problems with the scripts. I then disabled the whole Defense+ and did a restart. Still script problems with ffx. I do have noscript running and have tried disabling all extensions including Noscript but still no fix. HOWEVER… If I start ffx in safe mode it does not have the script errors. Its only when I start in normal mode. I cant figure out what it could be.

I believe another important note is that Comodos defense and firewall learning both say that they dont recognize firefox.exe and Iexplorer.exe although there are no problems with scripts in IE. I am concerned that it doesnt recognize the EXEs because of a potential Infection that injected into them but its also possible that it is the normal operation of some protection program like spybot sd.

I am at wits end. I have tried turning off and on every setting that I could think of to break other programs connections to ffx that may be slowing down the processing of javascript.

Other than this problem Comodo has been a dream (M) and I really really want to solve this so I can resume normal browser functionality. Thank you for reading this. I hope you have some good ideas of other stuff I can turn off because ffx in safe mode with no extensions stinks (:SAD)

Do you have ff set to web browser policy in application rules?
If not Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy/Application rules
Right click on ff an choose edit/now check use a predefined policy/choose web browser and apply on all windows

Hope it helps Matty

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Hello, and thank you for your prompt response.

When FFX first asked for internet access after my fresh Comodo install I set the inital screen to Web Browser policy and clicked the dont ask again checkbox. After that initial launch of ffx where it first began showing the “Scripts not responding” I changed the policy to allow all, even though the only restriction in the default Web browser rules are Disallow all others. Neither policy switch, nor adding ffx to my trusted applications help.

I was thinking though. Is it possible for an extension in ffx to connect to the internet on a seprate stream that comodo may recognize as malicious or just block by default rules? And if so is there a way for me to find that and allow it? Comodo doesnt show any child processes of ffx, just a few open connections while loading. Honestly I cant believe that Comodo could cause this problem but its the only modification I have made to my pc in at least a week and I was using ffx with no problems up until the restart after comodo install. I am truly puzzled.

An idea you could try is to uninstall no-scripts and then reinstall it so d+ can learn about it.I added no-scripts and ad block plus after installing V3 and all seems ok.

Nice 1 Matty

Update: I have managed to restore ffx to default state using safe mode and it is functioning. That reset all toolbars and config files as well as disabled all plug ins

I had tried enabling and disabling plugins selectively with no success and this was a last resort. I am now enabling them 1 at a time to figure out which one is the incompatable culprit so I can post about it here. I have NoScript and Adblock enabled as well as several others I suspected might be causing the problem. So far none of them have locked ffx yet. I dont know whether comodo has learned it now since the ffx reset or if there is still another plugin causing the problem by doing something it shouldnt be. We shall see. Thank you again


Update: Busted…

The extension causing the problem is called

“Extended Cookie Manager” ver 0.8.1

Its function is to be able to intercept cookies and block or allow them with 1 click. It was a great extension that I have used for quite some time now with no problems. That includes with ZA pro… I dont know how it “Intercepts” its cookies but I dont believe Comodo sees it as legitimate activity. I will continue to test the other extensions but this is the only one that has caused the problem so far.

Thanks for posting the info theonyx this will help others who may have a similar problem.

Nice 1 Matty