Firefox/Icedragon on laptops

Does FF run slow for anybody else using laptops? I used to have a desktop that was half as good as my current laptop and it ran fine . But it’s just slow on here. IceDragon was even slower. Does it just nnot run well with Windows 7 or what ? I was even on my grandmother in laws desktop today. Which is flooded with stuff and probably has 1 gig of ram . And it was running perfectly fine and smooth . Are the newer versions just bad now ? Dragon/chrome run just fine for me though .

I think you need to define ‘slow’ My youngest has an old Celeron M 370 1.5 GHz with a Gigabyte of DDR and that runs firefox 18.0.1, with 4 add-ons, reasonably well.

Hi AntSunrise,

I do agree with Radaghast – please <<define ‘slow’>>
Most likely, we need more info about your (win 7) system (any tweaks ? Or you just running whatever was pre-installed/scheduled/auto-running/ etc.)
Anyway, according to my experience FF is the fastest browser, on my win 7 x64 laptop (asus quad core laptop)
The only one that can be compared is Iron. I have all existing main browsers (as portables) except Dragon & IceDragon … cannot be bothered with those…
In addition I do have around 30 add-ons installed for Firefox on laptop & > than 40 on my desktop (XP Pro / Dual Core … “severely” :slight_smile: tweaked - ~80 unneeded services gone!.. most of them belong to MS)
Similar situation on less powerful laptops on my friends’ laptops (as Radaghast pointed)

It would be interesting to know some details