Firefox Hanging - Comodo the Culprit?

I consider my Firefox browser to be possibly the one piece of software I run that I would absolutely not want to do without. I have been using it without issue with ZoneAlarm for several years. As you will probably agree ZoneAlarm is NOT a nice firewall. So I installed Comodo. Comodo IS a nice firewall, BUT my Firefox started to hang. Suddenly, without crashing the application, it simply stopped connecting to websites. The only way out was to kill FF and then shut down firefox.exe in Task Manager. The thing is it would sometimes run for hours and hang, sometimes hang immediately. No logic to it. I did the WHOLE troubleshooting thing for FF with safe mode, new profiles, and clean reinstall. No joy. I made Mozilla a trusted vendor in Comodo and FF a trusted application. Still no joy. I turned off Comodo two days ago and started using the Windows Firewall. Since then I have had no crashes. Too early to tell for sure, possibly. But it looks likes some issue with Comodo. Is there anything that I can tweak in Comodo that might have an impact on this?

Many thanks.

Dave (:AGL)

Which CFP3 version are you using? What is your OS? Are you using the rules for web browser (attached) in Network Security Policy as well as for trusted application in Computer Security Policy? Do you get any messages in the firewall log? Are you using any sort of proxy scanner software like Avast!? I use Firefox, IE, and Opera browsers with no problems. What are you trying to do when FF hangs-any particular type of website, download, or ?

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I have FF and IE selected as web browsers with no problems at all. What AV are you using?

I get very infrequent hangs of FF. XP with 2.4V. I believe it is web site codeing that is the problem, Perhaps the web site is more friendly to say IE7(rarely use). Don’t think firewall is the problem here.

Zone Alarm is actually a pretty good firewall but doesn’t uninstall properly. See there forums for a manual clean up. Comodo is not your problem for FF to be running slow. Comodo does not have a web shields like Online Armor and Outpost do.

I just installed CFP on 2 PC’s. You’ll be happy to know HP tech support (upper level techs - not the 1st line) recommended deleting completely the Norton application from their notebook and replacing firewall with your product. I put it on my Desktop (non HP) as well.

Into day two, my browser began acting as described above. There is no real pattern - only that no page will load and the only recourse is to close and reopen firefox (I don’t have to kill processes - just reopening enables pages to load again). This is only happening on one of the PC’s - the HP laptop. This makes me think I allowed or blocked some file and when it is called, ff hangs. I tried putting ff as a trusted app and software vendor, but no change.

Perhaps if I reset back to a clean install and let CFP relearn (and watch a bit more closely what I accept) I can resolve the issue — but I don’t know how to do it. I did notice my policy settings for a browser differ from the image above. Is this a problem, and if so, how do I modify the policies to add the missing statements?

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Check the D+/advanced/Computer Security Policy table and see if you have anything blocked there. Does anything show up in either log?

There were a few items in the log, but nothing regarding firefox. I saw no items blocked. firefox was listed as a custom app, so I changed it to a trusted app and will see if that makes any difference.

After setting firefox to a trusted app (allows everything it seems), I am still getting intermittent hangs. There are no events listed now in either of the two event logs.

If trusted in D+ doesn’t fix it, try “WIndows System Application” and then “Installer or Updater”. There may be something inconsistent with a FF extension. There seems to be inheritance of permissions by the extensions.

I’ve been using Firefox for a year or more and occasionally it will crash, not very often, perhaps every couple of weeks or so. I don’t think that this is anything to do with CFP as it did it before I changed to Comodo Firewall and other Comodo products.
Just some minor bug in Firefox I suspect.
And yes extensions can cause problems sometimes, as they are not all compatible with each other.
Hope that helps.

I looked at the predefined security settings for both trusted and windows app and they have the same settings (all marked allowed except for the ‘run as executable’, and protection settings all ‘no’).

Since it is working on another PC with firefox without the problem, I wonder if I should just uninstall CFP and reinstall it? If I ■■■■ it away, are there any settings files that remain that I should manually delete?

You can actually export your current settings from miscellaneous/manage my configuration, then do an uninstall and reinstall to see if the default settings work better for you. If you use the “import as” for your previous settings, you can use “select” to toggle between the old and new settings to see if there are differences.

I tried running ff in safe mode (with no add-ons, etc) and it still freezes. I checked my other computer and it has all the same add-ons running within ff, so that makes me think it isn’t an issue of ff.

I am using remote desktop connection at the same time to connect to a remote server (something I am not doing with the other computer that is running CFP), and the notebook is also wireless (where the other computer is wired).

Have you tried deleting all firefox entries in firewall and D+. Then move the firewall and D+ sliders to training mode and reboot. Are you using “flashgot” plugin fir Firefox?