Firefox Extensions not showing in IceDragon


I have 3 Extensions in Firefox that I use but they are not showing in IceDragon. Were they supposed to import from Firefox during the install or can I somehow import them now?

At the time I installed IceDragon, Internet Explorer 9 was my default browser. Will they import if I set Firefox as the default browser when I install IceDragon?



You will need to install the extensions yourself in IceDragon. When I installed IceDragon it only offered to import bookmarks from other browsers.

hmmm, I am not sure but, I think copying your profile on Firefox and transferring them on Comodo IceDragon may do the trick. It can be found on the AppData directory of Firefox…

or you can use an ADD-ON

[b]How to maually import add-ons?[/b]

Im trying to manually import some add-ons into firefox: i have an off-line computer i use for development, i cant add any add-ons from the firfox site to this computer as it is off-line, so i use FEBE environment back up to export the add-ons from this on-line machine, and take them over to the off-line computer on a drive. I have tried dropping the xpi files into the plugins folder and restarting firefox, but no luck.

My Apologies but its been quite some time since I last used firefox but this I can remember and I have no Firefox installed my system… nevertheless and hope it helps…

I will update this once I get a hand on a system with firefox, but if you have more time, you can do what EricJH suggest.

You can import them from Firefox by the following steps.

Go to Menu, Add-ons (Ctrl+Shift+A), Extensions, using the drop down menu from the cog you will see Install Add-on from a file click on this and then from there find your user profile of Firefox.
From within your profile of Firefox open the extensions folder and double click on the XPI file of your desired extension.
Repeat the above steps for each extension.
Firefox profiles