firefox exe question

Hi everyone

I have just downloaded and installed comodo firewall yesterday and so far i am impressed .

Question i have got is if i have been using IE7 and click out of that browser and click on firefox i get this warning

C:\Program Files Internet Explorer\ie explorer.exe has tried to use the parent application explorer. exe
through the OLE Automation, which can be used to hijack.exe to conceal it’s behavouir in an attempt to connect to the internet with Firefox.exe.

I only get this if i try to connect using Firefox straight after i have closed IE7

I am brain dead concerning computers, have tried but does not sink in.

I tried to find answers but i couldn’t.

Just one more question some times when i click on IE7 i get a warning etc about IE being a invisible application, i clicked this to allow all the time was this the right thing to do.
Cheers peter

Hi Peter

Firstly welcome to the Comodo forums.

The IE > FF thing appears to be a quirk in Comodo Personal Firewall (CPF). There have been numerous postings about this, where application A ends, the user starts application B straight away and CPF gives a warning about the application that has ended. It’s odd, and the developers are aware of the issue. Hopefully it will be rectified in a future release.

Regarding IE opening up as an invisible application, this is usually a BAD thing (at least it is in IE6, not sure about the internals of IE7). Numerous trojans attempt to bypass firewalls by invoking IE in such a way that the browser doesn’t appear - i.e. an invisible application. This way, the trojan hopes that your firewall will simply see IE in memory, not the parent or the manner in which it is active in memory. Read the alert dialogue carefully, clicking the “Show Libraries” or “More Detail” button, if available, before clicking ALLOW.

This may very well be an IE7 thing, if tabs in a main window are invoked as a separate IE instance, but I would have thought we’d have heard rumblings about it by now. :wink:

Hope all this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi Ewen

Thanks for answering my questions. :BNC
Put my mind at rest about Firefox. :THNK
I will change invisible application from allow on IE7 to ask
Very much appreciated

I get the warning with IE7 after i have opened IE7 etc click a site in my favourites i may get a warning other times i don’t. Confusing for me (Not Hard To DO) (:NRD)

Cheers Peter