FireFox doesnt show in the app monitor?

When installing FF I got a question from Comodo that FF wants to act like a server or something like that. I allowed+remember since I persumed thats the way FF works.

Cant see FF in app monitor list.

Svchost isnt there either or alg.

Comments anyone?

I have a FF entry for every FF parent. I don’t know why you don’t have an FF entry in the Application Monitor. Which version of FF are you running?

You’ll find svchost.exe in the Component Monitor. This Monitor is for DLLs & programs that you do not directly run (like svchost.exe, services.exe, etc…).

Just disable “Do not show any alerts for the applications certified by Comodo”.

Now its there and Ill keep this setting since I am more familiar with seeing them in the list.

If I will not see svchost in app list I will just suppose its because CPF works differently.

Thanks for your replies!