Firefox can't open


I’ve got the following problem: Mozilla Firefox can’t open the website, if Comodo Firewall is running. When I turn the Firewall off, the website works. (:AGY) >:(

Hi mr.burns & welcome to the forums.

Is there anything in CFPs Log (Activity - Log) relating to the Firefox connection attempt?

No, I can’t find anything :frowning:

Hmm… OK. I can reach without any problems using Firefox

When you say you turned CFP off, do you actually mean CFP wasn’t loaded? Anyway, does it work when CFP is running & the Security Level (from the systray) is set to “Allow All”? With the Security Level set to “Allow All” the firewall is, effectively, off. So, if something works at “Allow All” where as it doesn’t work on “Custom”, then CFP is probably responsible.

Does MSIE connect to with CFP active (Security Level “Custom”)?

When CFP blocks something it usually reports it in the Log, unless it has been specifically told not to. Do you have any blocks in either CFPs Application or Component Monitors?

It occurred to me that it might be a temporary block (a block that is not remembered) that is causing the problem, if so… a simple reboot should clear any temporary blocks. That being the case, CFP should re-prompt for something relating to Firefox/ when you try to access it again.

Remember that Right-Clicking on the CFP icon then choosing Exit is not the same as turning off CFP; it only turns off the CFP icon. The CFP service still runs in the background.