Firefox blocked at port 82.?

I use comodo firewall version 5.
Yesterday comodo blocked 5 connections to port 82 and these were firefox connections.
Any information on why this would be please.


If you’re using the pre-defined web browser rule, the only ports supported are the standard 80 and 443. With regard to port 82, some web sites do use non-standard ports legitimately but they can also be used by malware.

Thank you radaghast.
Upon research it would appear a utility by the name of XEFER uses this port.
Also i did a shields up test and it shows port 82 is used by a XEFER utility.

I have no idea what this is and my machine has come up clean of malware.

If it was incoming traffic at port 82 then the firewall did what it has to do. Block what we don’t want.

I wouldn’t pay much attention to specific services associated wiht port numbers. Any service can be configured to use any port, it’s just common practice to use specific port for specific purposes. Hence HTTP usually uses port 80, but if I create a web server, I can specify any port to receive connections.