firefox blocked action port 843


i have these events in my log.(see attachment)
comodo 5.3.181415.1237 with firefox configured as web browser
winxp sp3 all updates
firefox 4

I think it has something to do with flash and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

any hints, is it safe?

[attachment deleted by admin]

This is typically a port used by a firefox plugin, such as flash and it’s usually handled by plugin-container.exe, which is a firefox process that allows plugins to run in their own address space. Do you have Application rules for plugin-container.exe?

Hi Radaghast,

no, i don’t have a rule for plugin-container.exe. i use comodo firewall with own rules, but plugin-container.exe didn’t connect to inet til now.

Plugin-container.exe typically won’t load until the first time it’s requested by a plug-in.

There are several entries in about:config that control the behaviour. So, if you don’t want plug-ins loading separately, you change the values for these entries.

You can read more at Out-of-process plugins