Firefox: authenticity of the received data could not be verified.

Comodo updated yesterday 2nd May 2019, and has now locked FireFox from accessing any site, claiming authenticity of the received data could not be verified. Chrome still worked.
It disabled my access to the control panel and threw errors with setpoint.exe mouse driver.

All options to turn off comodo features - firewall, HIPS etc from the icon or the main app do not work. I had to cripple it to allow it to be uninstalled. Everything is fine now.

Running win 10 1803 fully updated
FF 66.0.3 64bit, an expired malwarebytes with all features off - nothing else.
Can’t tell you much about the comodo logs or version as it is gone, except this was the latest update, and it clearly is a troublesome one.

Ideally tell me that the issues are now resolved and I can reinstall the firewall.

Uninstalling comodo firewall, [waiting a few days for a potentially bad update to be withdrawn] and reinstalling the latest version ( has returned me back to a stable position.

In future I think I’ll decline any update, and make a note to download and reinstall the product manually.