Firefox as gate for other unwanted sites

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Now the topic:
I try to use Comodo to prevent connections from sites that are linked to reliable files, like Firefox.exe for example.
I noticed some unwanted connections. I first used TCPView to visualize the connections on my PC as I didn’t know there was a free performant firewall like Comodo. Also, at the office, I supect some people to use some spy applications to connect to our computers and I want to prevent this.
But first, Firefox: I am attaching a screenshot showing the result of WhoIs on TCPView, question is how to block this?:

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Most browsers use prefetching to speed up page load and DNS, so when you visit a page, links found in the page are automatically fetch in anticipation of the user wanting to visit that page. The two about:config entries that control these are:

Network . dns . disablePrefetch
Network . prefetch - next

Firefox will also periodically connect to Google to update it’s phishing/malware database and quite a few other things:

Firefox makes unrequested connections | Troubleshooting | Firefox Help

These need to be configured in firefox or whichever browser you choose.