Firefox as a server


Just moved over to Comodo from ZA and I must say I am very impressed (:CLP)

Just one question, whenever I click a link from within an email or even clicking the “news” link from within the main Comodo Firewall application window, I get a popup with “Firefox is trying to act as a server” (Allow/Deny). Is this normal? Why would a browser act as a server?

Thunderbird also wants to act as a server… again, is this normal?

Reader_Man, welcome to the forums!

Sorry no one has responded to your question. To answer for you, yes it is normal. It is due to CFP’s monitoring of internal behavior of the application; it does not mean that the application is going to open up your system to external access.


TCP loopback check enabled by default

However, I didn’t see the topic even though I had same problem. Sorry Reader_Man.

You can try to restrict acting as a server of Firefox as only localhost. Two app. rules are enough:

firefox.exe,, Any, TCP In, Allow
firefox.exe, Any, Any, TCP/UDP Out, Allow

These work for me.