Firefox and Thunderbird as servers

I’m a new Comodo user. When I got warnings that Firefox and Thunderbird wanted to be servers, I approved that. Now they each have TCP/UDP In permissions and Out permissions and are working fine.

I wonder, though, are there any security risks, and should these permissions be narrowed somehow? What kind of communications originating outside are these programs looking for?

Hi Ravenheart, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

What your seeing is a standard feature of CFP and is quite safe. There is a good explanation here:

Explanation of “Connect as Server”


Toggie, thanks.

So is the idea that the Application Monitor and Network Monitor rules are kind of in series, a gauntlet that packets must get through? The standard Network Monitor Rule 0 passes all TCP/UDP out, but there’s no corresponding In rule, so Stealth happens? Do I have that right?

That’s pretty much it :slight_smile:

NM allows the flow of information to and from, with the appropriate rules, but only for applications for which there are corresponding AM rules.