Firefox and IE stopped loading

Hey everybody,

I just upgraded from version 5 (not the latest but the version right before that) to 6 and i’m having the same problem as upgrading to the latest version 5.

If I install Comodo everything goes smoothly, no errors or anything, i reboot and try to open either firefox or internet explorer and it just stops there. I checked Task Manager and it just kills the app before it’s really loading.
For some weird reason Comodo doesn’t recognize srware Iron (chromium) so thats what i’m currently using to write this message because it loads without any problem what so ever but it isn’t listed as a browser in the new widget.

I tried running them using the default settings after installing v6 and i tried running them with my old configuration file loaded but nothing seems to help.
Firefox opened once, my Hexchat (IRC) loads on startup and someone just posted a link so i instantly opened it in my browser and it actually worked but as soon as comodo loads i can’t open another firefox or internet explorer next to it.

I tried deleting the firefox rules but that didn’t seem to help either, no popups or anything on load it just instantly kills it.

Someone please help because i constantly need to go back to an outdated version to get it to work again…

I’m using the latest firefox, IE 9 i think (never use it), latest release of comodo and i’m running a 64 bit version of windows 7.
UAC is disabled btw.

There is no real log to show because it doesn’t mention anything about killing the execution string but somehow it does…

Edit: The same thing happens if i close comodo 6 manually btw.

Another edit: It seems to have some relation to 32bit vs 64bit, IE 64 bit loads, IE 32bit doesn’t, Iron 64 bit loads, Firefox 32bit doesn’t.

Alot of other 32bit programs seem to load fine, there are alot of them active in the task manager without any problems.

Another edit: System restored back to the older version like i always do and my firefox works again but now the comodo can’t initialize so great nothing comodo related works anymore -_-’

Going to try and move back to 5.10.228257.2253 (last version that worked).

Found a source that still had the 5.10 install pack, installed it and everything is working perfectly fine again… -_-’ it really has something to do with the versions after 5.10.

This sounds to me like something may have gone wrong with your install. Please try reinstalling CIS by following the advice I give in this post and see if after reinstalling these problems are solved.

If not please let us know and we’ll see what else we can try.


I did all of that already.

Ran multiple registry scanners (WinAso, TweakNow PowerPack and CCleaner’s reg cleaner) after doing all of the above. And did a manual search for the “Comodo” string in regedit.

The only thing that struck me as slightly odd was about 4 “No Permission” lines while running the remover program but that was about it, think those got picked up afterwards, it’s hard to tell since the program doesn’t seem to generate a log nor show the exact file it’s working on.

I’ve removed and reinstalled it this way about 5 times now, no dice :frowning:

Okay, this may be a bug. Please create a bug report for this in this area. Be sure to use the longer bug reporting format from this topic as it will contain all of the information which the devs will require to locate this bug.

Thank you.