Firefox and IE [Resolved]

Hi everyone!

I’m new here, always I solve my problems with CPF alone, but this time I don’t know what I do O.o

CPF don’t make my Mozilla Firefox and my IE work. I put them in exceptions and they don’t work.
This never happen before, it starts today.
I remember that I update my Firefox yesterday, but why IE doesn’t work too?

Help me, please

Welcome to the forums, kravinoth!

Will you try this first:

Open Application Monitor.

Remove all entries for FF or IE.

While you’re there, look for any Blocked entries on svchost.exe; if there are any, remove them as well.

Reboot the computer.

With no other applications running, open the browsers one at a time. Any popups you get, click “Remember” and Allow them.

See if that takes care of it for you.


Hi, kravinoth, welcome to the COMODO forum!

Was created some rule for they in “Application Control Rules”?

Thank you, LM

was strange, because I already did this before, and doesn’t work
but now works ???

Thanks anyway

And Allan,
I was put FF and IE in app rules how “Allow all activies for this aplication”, what is very strange too :stuck_out_tongue:

Ty guys, cya

Glad it’s working now, kravinoth!

I will mark the topic as resolved and close it. If you need it reopened, just PM a Moderator (please include a link) and we will be glad to do so.