Firefox and Google Chrome

OKay… I posted a little while back, and thought I had things sorted. Then Firefox started doing strange things… like windows not popping up, so it started freezing etc. So today, I down loaded Google Chrome. In the end, to get this to work I had to uninstall Firefox completely, because Chrome was just freezing at the import stage.

Now… I can’t get Google Chrome to become my default browswer.

You’re probably thinking what has this to do with Comodo… but it’s the only thing I can think of that is causing these problems, and I’m not sure how (not being that techie). Because, when I downloaded Comodo I had problems with Firefox getting to actually operate, until I fixed it in Comodo that it was a Web Browser. Now I’ve done that with Google Chrome, but it still won’t let me make it my default browser…

I don’t want to use IE I don’t! And I don’t want to go back to Norton if I can help it. Does anyone have any solutions???


Try also the Safari browser very fast (:WIN)

Well, I’ve reinstalled Firefox… I’ll see if it behaves. Shame about Google Chrome… I wasted a whole bloody afternoon fiddling around. Not sure if it’s Comodo or Chrome being the pain in the arse!

There are issues between CIS and Firefox causing high CPU usage iirc.

You could also try Opera browser. Fast, secure and full of useful functions.

Use the Defense+ installation mode in CIS when installing programs, and if you still have problems afterwards you can set D+ to Training mode awhile, just remember to set it back later.