FIREFOX and FACEBOOK is STILL working even BLOCKED by CIS v5


FIREFOX 3.6 and FACEBOOK is STILL working even BLOCKED by CIS v5.

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(I can’t upload the Screen Shots COMODO UPLOAD FOLDER IS FULL. Lol…)

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glad to hear that an internet page can still work, even if a single user of the internet blocks it with his firewall on his pc :smiley:

its for sure a setting problem why firefox can connect to the internet. its not a general thing, as i can block connections, and they are blocked then.

I enjoyed blocking some sites in CIS v3series that why I’m shocked why version 5 cannot block the same way.
I need answer on this WHY?


if you want to block the access to a page just tell in the firefox rule on position one:
a block rule for firefox to that specific ip.
its important to put it on position one inside the firefox rule, because it reads from top down.

the problem is, when you used the “treat as web browser” rule, you cant add another one, because it has been a predefined rule.
i miss the function to add manually something to a predefined rule.

if you want to block something in gerneral (for example a page), you can make a global rule: block ip out to that specific ip. then should nothing on your pc be able to connect to that page, as long as their ip doesnt change :wink: .

as you hopefully have a general block ingoing traffic rule allready there, the site is definitely blocked with an additional specific block outgoing rule.

but what i ask myself: how did you block all? if you choosed “stop all traffic button”, then should nothing be able to connect at all. if thats not the case, there is a problem in your installation.

In the previous versions of CIS, a single click to block the sites or even a whole browser is easier but WHY is that the NEW version of CIS doesn’t? I try to BLOCK all the site that I like for verifying purposes BUT to no avail… Blocked sites is always working on my DESKTOP and LENOVO LAPTOP with iCore3 plant. the funny things is that I conduct a PING TEST after blocking the site (Facebook) but it shows TRO so meaning the site is already blocked BUT… why Firefox can still Access Facebook?


i think, i dont understand what you mean. i dont see a change in blocking something since version 3.

how and where did you make a “single click” to block a web page?
or do you answer each attempt of firefox to connect to a new ip, instead of treating it as a web browser?