firefox and comodo

Hi this is a bit of a long shot but here goes.
Recent updates to browser firefox from 9 to 10 and 10.0.1
effect …some websites no longer fully accessible, including my online mail. I can get access to sites but then wont allow username and password to fully access it. With online mail can open but cant read messages(blank). Cant even access mozilla forum properly to get help. Now having to use another browser.
Mozilla suggested that the problem was likely to be my firewall ie comodo due to its inability to adjust to the new updates in firefox I can however access all the " problem " sites with another browser.
So is it comodo settings…I use proactive and safe mode but I get the same difficulties if I allow all?
thanks in advance

If the rules you had for firefox allowed connections before the updates, they should still allow the same connections now. However, if you’d like to provide some details about the web sites you can’t access and details about the rules you’ve created for firefox, we can take a look. It would also be helpful to list any addons/plugins you’re using for firefox.

Hi Radaghast,
OK even in safe mode with no add ons still a problem
Accessing my virgin mail can open but there is no content to read
planet rock cant login as rejects username/password
Same with other sites inc.mozilla home/forum
This problem is not resolved even if I allow all with comodo
Did not have any problem with firefox 9
Set up was standard no special settings made for comodo
My feelings are that this is a problem with firefox only but their help is non existant…I have no issues with these sites if I use any other browser IE,chrome, opera

Unfortunately, I can’t test Virgin and I’m not sure what Planet Rock is. I did try with and there was no problem. It may be worth your while creating a new profile as even starting in safe mode can sometimes hide deeper problems. If you have any other sites I could try…

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Hi Radaghast, something odd here is happening. Yesterday and the previous day all sorts of problems accessing sites. This was true for both desktops not tried laptops. Could not access with firefox, but ok with other browsers. Today after reading your reply I tried again now firefox works fine!!! I have not changed any settings so how come its ok now but not before? and why only firefox? There has been no updates for firefox or windows or comodo only my avast antivius. Is it hidden updates or my isp or something else?
This is very strange. I am more concerned now than before.

There was an update to firefox 10.0.1 but that was several days ago. Tuesday is also Microsoft’s patch Tuesday. Were there any addon/plugin updates, a number of mine update virtually everyday. You could also check the error console - Tools/Web Developer/Error Console - for anything related.

I dont allow auto updates so everything has to be instigated by myself, and also no there were no updates at all except avast antivirus which shouldnt be relevant

Unfortunately, there’s not much I can say, firefox stopped working but now works again, all without any apparent change. I use several builds of firefox, as well as other browsers for testing, and from time to time they all suffer connection problems.

Thanks Radaghast
Guess well never know