Firefox and comodo i think i broke it :/ [RESOLVED]

Ok, so i was tired of always having to click “allow” everytime i’d want to open up a .exe from firefox. SO i thought oh let’s call it like this (not a webrowser), and maybe it’ll add these rules to it. Well nope absolutely not. Comodo made Firefox not able to access the internet and i can’t find out how to change that file from the menu. So anyone got any ideas/help to allow me to reset the rules for firefox w/o having to go back in and reinstall comodo?

Open CIS>Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy
delete rule therein for Firefox

Open CIS>Defense+>Advanced>Computer Security Policy
delete rule therein for Firefox

Remember to press APPLY on both occasions

All your rules for Firefox in CIS will go

Open Firefox and give replies to alerts suitably

ok thanks it worked :smiley:

Nice to know that.