Firefox and acrobat - print to pdf problem

Hi guys,

I am having issues getting firefox to print to pdf using adobe pdf’s printer.

Prior to installing comodo I was able to print to pdf just fine. the save as diolog box would open up just fine and then adobe distiller would successfully create the pdf.

However after comodo installation - firefox and the save as diolog box freezes up my computer and I will have to restart or log off to get my computer unfrozen.

Does anyone know what I can do to remedy this issue?

I have added the whole entire acrobat x folder including subfolders to the trusted folders, however it still has not fixed the issue.

Do you have something in Defense+ Events that is related to the issue? Also check blocked files (Defense+ tab → Computer Security Policy → Blocked Files).

thanks for your reply

yes in the defense+ events - I had splwow64.exe and I added that to trusted files as well, still did not help

checked the blocked files and nothing was listed.

i just used IE to see if the computer hangs as well when printing to pdf using adobe pdf and it prints to pdf just fine. same thing goes when using word, notepad. everything prints fine except when printing w/ firefox

This is still showing up in Defense+ Events when you try to print? What is the Flags column saying about that event?

well it hasn’t been there recently, because when I go to try and print in firefox I never get beyond when the save as dialog box pops up because my whole system hangs and I have to do a ctrl+alt+del and log off then log back on.

the flags column says “modify file”

Set Defense+ in Training Mode and try to print then.

just gave it a try in training mode. still same issue.

nothing new popped up in the defense+ events either

If you disable Defense+, problem is still there?