Firefox & add-on

W10 Famille - 21H1 - 19043.1237 / CFW :


FF is installed on my laptop.
I run FF in CSS and in the container.

There are 2 active profiles:

  • default-release, used by FF in the container and FF outside the container;
  • cssprofile1, used by FF in CSS.

When I set uBlock-Origin in the FF outside the container, this setting is not taken over by the FF running in the container.
I have to export the setting made in FF outside the container and import it into FF in the container.

Can you explain this?

Firefox portable (standalone) and Firefox regular (Mozilla installer) use completely different directories to store their profiles and (addons) settings.

Sorry I didn’t understand your answer.

What is the difference between “portable” and “regular” ?
Is “regular” outside the container ?

Maybe it’s my misunderstanding, I thought you meant by saying “Firefox standalone” the Firefox portable version. Seemingly you are not using the portable one.
The word “regular” has no relation with the container, with “Firefox regular” I meant to say “the normal Firefox version downloaded from Mozilla website”.

I have modified the post. Hopefully it’s clearer.

When you make setting changes in FF outside the container then close and restart FF inside the container to take over the setting changes, that’s how it works on my end.

That is what I do and it should work as on your end.
Did you do the test with W7 or W10?

I have the same problem with FF settings using about:config.
The settings made with FF outside the container are not replicated in FF in the container.

I test with Windows 7.

The steps below do work for me even when I make manual setting changes to about:config or setting changes to uBO.
Do these steps work for you on Windows 10 too?

  1. Start FF outside the container.
  2. Make setting change in FF outside the container.
  3. Close FF outside the container.
  4. Execute “Reset the Container”.
  5. Start FF inside the container.
  6. Check if setting change of step 2) is present.
  7. Close FF inside the container.

If necessary, repeat steps 1 to 7

Oups. I hadn’t reset the container.

I reset the container and it’s ok. Thanks.

In conclusion, after each modification made in FF outside the container we have to reset the container before launching FF in the container.
This is quite logical.