Firefox add-on Download Status Bar


I have what I think is a simple question. I use Firefox and the Firefox add-on Download Status Bar (DSB). I use DSB because it gives me two things. First, it shows download progress as I download objects. Second, it allows me to invoke a virus scan on the downloaded object when the download finishes. So far, this has kept my PC relatively clean. I recently decided to switch from Avast to Comodo. When I used Avast, I specified invoking AshQuick.exe in DSB. What module should I use for Comodo?

I tried finding this in the forum site but didn’t find a match. I may have also posted this in Comodo support, but as I have the free version, I’m thinking I need to post this here.

Doug Ray

Previous versions of CIS did not have command line support so it wasn’t possible to pass an argument to the scanner to initiate a scan.

Version 4.0 introduced command line functionality, but I’m not using it yet and have no idea what the switches may be. I would assume the help file documents the new features. Have you looked there?

Programs can call cavscan.exe to scan a file. I haven’t tried it so I cannot give anymore information.

With 4.0? This didn’t work with 3.x.

From the release notes of 4.0:

[b]IMPROVED! Antivirus Engine[/b] Antivirus engine is improved for better detection and cleaning. The new engine now has disinfection support for the infected files. A new command line virus scanner (cavscan.exe) has been introduced in order to address the need for scanning the computers in windows safe mode or scanning files transferred from MSN etc.

Right. With a command line argument.

I thought you were saying you didn’t need to utilize the command line.

You likely need to add the argument of %1 to supply the current filename.