Firefox accessing screen directly..

Recently I’ve been getting this on both computers firefox.exe is asking to access the screen directly. I click no then it keeps popping up. Even If I ask it to move to trusted it pops up wtf!! Y does firefox need to access my screen unless its taking a screenshot or something i dont understand. Saw it popping up on both my xp computers mayb within last couple days.

Don’t know why firefox.exe would be accessing the screen.
I use firefox and don’t ever recall seeing this.
However the default defense+ settings moniter this.

From the help file:

Computer Monitor
Comodo Firewall Pro will raise an alert every time a process tries to directly access your computer monitor. Although legitimate applications will sometimes require this access, there is also an emerging category of spyware-programs that use such access to monitor users’ activities. (for example, to take screenshots of your current desktop; to record your browsing activities etc)

I agree that it does sound suspicious.
Perhaps some of our more knowledgeable members will chime in.


Don't know why firefox.exe would be accessing the screen.
I had this happen about 3 or 4 days ago but I was on the drive with 2.4 and KAV proactive defense. Proactive defense had the the same PU that FX wanted to access the screen directly. I had never seen this before with 3.0/Mcafee or 2.4/KAV, so I denied it. It then wouldn't connect, so I exited, cleaned everything including the cache, logged off to an administrators account and cleaned out everything, then back on to the limited users account, and haven't seen it since. There's been some weird stuff going on lately with FX and HIPS. BTW, to the OP, what Add-ons are you running, if any, with FX? Also , the weird stuff with FX started happening to me after an XP update. With 2.4, earlier this evening, I had the application monitor deny an FX outbound connection on port 80, even though FX was allowed in the application monitor. I doubled checked this and it was denied from the app monitor and not from net rules. This time I couldn't reconnect w/o shutting down and restarting. There no way in H*** I would make the browser a ""trusted application, these days, and I'm not sure it's not somehow related to these recent M$ updates. Maybe FX is eating into their browser share more than they like.

the ad block plus plugin and orbit downloader plugin. I even switched from firefox 2 to firefox 3 and got the same thing again.

Hi Mystix,

Did you place tick “remember…” when alert was shown to get rid of it? What version do you use: 3.0.17 or 3.0.18?

Check this thread starting from this post to find out whether it is your case.

3.0.18, I had to edit the policy and choose to block the access to screen. Seems to work now fine with it blocked ?
I tried checking remember before and it didnt work. Thought I think the firewall updated from .17 to .18 just yesterday so maybe that was the fix instead. It would totally crash my browser/even had reboot because of it once. total lock up.