Firefox 61 works only in container

Hello. I have problem with Firefox 61 (after it auto-update itself from 60). It only runs in Comodo container. When I start it normally it opens but it doesn’t load any web pages. In container works with no problem.

I uninstalled it and delete all profiles, folders and registry keys connected with Firefox and installed Firefox totally clean. But it is exactly same problem.

I have Windows 7 64-bit.

I noticed that Comodo firewall always put Firefox in Blocked Applications. Is this normal ? I unblocked it but next time is blocked again (I also find few other programs which can’t be unblocked (e.g Logitech SetPoint.exe; which is very strange)

Just now I find out that Firefox works normally outside of container if I start it as Administrator ?!

Have anybody have any idea what could cause this behavior ?

Best regards.

Don’t know about Firefox being blocked unless you responded to block with remember checked. However Logitech SetPoint.exe is probably trying to install a global hook (i.e mess with Comodo’s memory space) to support application specific hotkeys & marcos. As any good security software should do, Comodo is protecting its memory space from interference.

If the block notifications are really an irritation, or causes performance problems, you can edit the Comodo Internet Security HIPS rule to allow SetPoint.exe to access its memory.