Firefox 3

Any opinions / experiences yet?



IMO Mozilla’s Team work was pretty good. Now FireFox is faster, safer, nicer and better follow the standarts and the memory consumption is significantly lower :-TU And it is more comfortable too.

But I will use Opera and maybe Safari, cos I don’t need those extensions (the main strenght of FF). My sister loves it, so I’ll install the final version on her laptop tommorow :slight_smile:

Yes, seems to work as pretended. Faster than version 2.
Some strange connection attempts at first start, though.
Maybe because of this guinness book thing?
And… update function not working yet? Or is it only me?


But I will use Opera and maybe Safari, cos I don't need those extensions (the main strenght of FF)

Read about some MS warning about using Safari on Win. LOL :slight_smile:

True or anti-marketing strategies?

It maybe true :slight_smile: But I’m not venturing so some pr0n sites using Safari ;D (I don’t do that with Opera too, if U wanna know) ;D
But god - i just love it’s speed and fonts - other features are very basic, but these two are the best.

As for FireFox - things I don’t like are that it is open source (!!!) and it’s getting too popular - means potencially less and less safer :slight_smile:

As for FireFox - things I don't like are that it is open source (!!!) and it's getting too popular

That’s also the reason why you are using Windows Vista, right?



i can’t update either

Yes. There is some truth in what you said ;D

Turns out - I was always using good, but not the most popular software :slight_smile:

So far, so good.
…and definitely faster.

I choose FF3 over Opera 9.5 because it has the community driven extension, and never miss-render any page I’ve visit before. …especially the popular one. (I’ve experience similar problem to Soya’s Yahoo!-mail in Opera 9.5)
Has good balance in operation, function, usability, and speed.
Very good combination. No weird (blank) gap between any page load or page refresh.

In my opinion, the Devs. are trying to make this browser to be the most lovable browser on the net.
…not the fastest, or the secure most thing flying over the net…
They’re trying to make it ‘friendlier’ while maintaining good speed, performance, and usability.

PC Magazine’s Review

OK, this is getting better and better…
As the review from PC Magazine’s stated, I can simply type any word; especially popular brand name and FF3 will bring me right on to their doors.
Like typing: comodo would simply bring me to Comodo’s main site.
And… for the best part, typing: comodo forum will auto magically bring me in to this forum.

*. I’ve tried this with some more Comodo’s brand, like: comodo firewall and it still works
*. So far, words like “vnc”, “gmail”, and “yahoo mail” works fine

Eeeerrrrrr … as far as I know this has been in other browsers like years already (:NRD).


Safari had it earlier…

In my opinion, Mozilla succeeded long long ago to create a browser with a following. About time they try to turn it into a good browser. ;D runs for cover

The Mozilla Browser was based on the engine of NETSCAPE NAVIGATOR (this was base on the MOSAIC browser) , When they lost the war with Microsoft its owner back then decided to make the browser open source and the Mozilla browser was created, later named firefox under the Mozilla foundation supported by GOOGLE.

Now it is a totally different browser because it has gecko engine…

I’m not talking about the “Mozilla Browser”, I’m talking about Mozilla Firefox.

FF isn’t the only browser that’s changed its engine…

And FF is open source but you’d be deceiving yourself if you believed that it isn’t property of the Mozilla Corporation.

And pls I’m not asking anybody to stop using it, it’s a very nice program. (:HUG)

Have been stress testing FF3 since yesterday afternoon. So far it has passed with flying colors.
Also like the toolbar redesign. Less real estate taken up and the buttons I need are easy to locate. It’s nice looking as well. This version loads on my Vista & XP machines just as quickly as IE and renders some of my favorite pages quicker. These two points kept me from using previous versions of FF as my main browser. Now I can rethink this strategy.

As for the previous comment that open-source made this less secure, I couldn’t disagree more. I maintain machines that run Windows (XP & Vista) and several flavors of Linux (Ubuntu variations being the bulk of those) as well as 2 Apple notebooks. When security issues arise in any of the OS’s in question, the open-source community has a hands-down lead in offering solutions that work on a timely basis. And, if you are so inclined, you can actually look and see what changes to the code are being made and make adjustments based on your configuration. The same quick response and mass good-samaritan response can be expected from the mozilla camp, I would expect. With Apple & MS you first have to wait for them to even acknowledge they have such an issue and then hope they can get a patch out before your network is compromised, or your personal machine becomes a very expensive (apple) brick. Then you’re up against the odds that your particular configuration will survive the patching process.

Please note that I am agnostic when it comes to OS / software branding. I choose the system and software that best fits the job I need to do. None of the major players have an across-the-board advantage, IMHO.

No, it’s not!
Try typing → comodo forum on IE or Opera 9.5, and see the result!

You’re starting to sound like those “First!” guy on some blog comment section…

FF 3…

So far… So good… :slight_smile:

Well sorry if you think about that, I was just expressing some facts about this feature… I didn’t mean to start a browser war or something…

Have a nice day!