Firefox 3 has added similar features

The upcoming firefox 3 is incorporating similar features as VE:

Why not cooperate with mozilla and add the VE features directly into the already existing code of firefox 3?

I am glad to see browser people are now following on our footsteps to expose more identity information to end users.

In this example, all mozilla is doing is extracting the details from an SSL certificate and displaying it. However, EV SSL has taken over regular SSL as EV SSL offers more authenticated data.

But its good to see that industry is following on our footsteps! Its good for the users!

Of course I wish they incorporated Content Verification into their browsers as well, not just Site Identification. So that we can trust web content when we see it! This is the power of our Verification Engine.

thanks for pointing this out and thanks to Mozilla guys for choosing to follow on our footsteps in order to create a more trusted internet.