Firefox 3 beta1

You can try the beta1 of Firefox 3.
As usual, be careful and do a backup before testing beta programs.

Anyone tried out the latest firefox 3 beta 4.Im using it now and the rendering is much faster,in fact its faster allround.The icons arent much of an improvement but hey there only icons.
Just one thing to mention,if you do try it be sure to go to the official mozilla site as theres been a few people ripped off going to firefox2008 sites. No bugs yet and "ad block plus" and "no-script" add-ons work fine with it(some dont)

Happy Easter all


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Just tried the portable version (saves complications).
Did a bit of cusomisation and imported Opera’s bookmarks. Played around for a while; deleted the whole thing - it’s so clumsy and crude.
No point in having fast rendering (that was good) if everything else takes twice as long.

Hi Matty,
Actually I’m using it for about 1 week now. Lighter on resources and fast rendering, comparable to Opera 9.50b. But has a nasty feature / to start searching through your bookmarks and scroll them down when you start typing anything in the url bar. And you can’t disable this feature, except if you’re deleting those bookmarks. They are turning bookmark handling into rocket science – don’t know why.
Also, making old extensions compatible was a pain, but I’ve succeeded. And at some point, I’ve installed a theme considered compatible – that completely slowed it down.
I think we’ll see more betas.

Hi Gaby,
The only way i`ve found to make this “feature” a bit more workable is to go to about:config and choose true for
browser.urlbar.match only typed
This helps,but only a little :-TD

Regards Matty

Thank you, really appreciate it! I did this at home but then, at the office I couldn’t remember all the changes. For extensions’ compat. try Mr.Tech local install, and if it’s not working (also uncompatible), I’m using Nightly tester tools 1.3.

I tried it and went back to 3.b3. I didn’t like all my history in my address bar. b3 seems good though.


Im on beta 4 currently, and all seems well. It took me a while to get used to the new back/forward arrows but all is good.

Mozilla says Firefox 3 ready for prime-time :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

I agree. I haven’t noticed any bugs actually.

Beta 5 out,seems allright,just one thing i`m sure the house had a red roof,now its yellow ???


ps anyone any tips on it.ABP dont work/No Script does