Firefox 3.6 RC1 crash with VE

Fx 3.6 RC1 crashes immediately on launch. OK when VE addon disabled.
XP Home SP3 + latest (Dec 09) patches.
Info from the crash report is

Signature VEngine.dll@0x516c
UUID 75499b5e-7366-4b74-877d-55b3a2100110
Time 2010-01-10 03:25:36.803101
Uptime 5
Last Crash 850217 seconds before submission
Product Firefox
Version 3.6
Build ID 20100105212446
Branch 1.9.2
OS Windows NT
OS Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3
CPU x86
CPU Info AuthenticAMD family 15 model 4 stepping 8
Crash Address 0x0
User Comments
Processor Notes
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sorry, missed the last bit of the crash report

Crashing Thread
Frame Module Signature [Expand] Source
0 VEngine.dll VEngine.dll@0x516c
1 VEngine.dll VEngine.dll@0x80c1
2 VEngine.dll VEngine.dll@0x50183
3 VEngine.dll VEngine.dll@0xc72b

Installation of Firefox 3.6 RC1 on my Vista Home Premium SP2 set VE to Disabled within the Addons and labeled it Incompatible with 3.6

Tried to reinstall VEngine but it only indicated 3.5 on the install script and the install made no difference.

So I assume is not compatible with Firefox 3.6.

Hi all.
Sorry for my not answering you on time.
You are completely right. FF 3.6 is based on new SDK.
We are working on compatibility and I think that next week we’ll have new release with FF 3.6 support.
Thank you all for your patience!

Kind regards, Vadym.