Firefox 3.5 RC3 Released!

I’m not aware of any release notes yet. isn’t updated yet. But this RC is rock solid! Runs very smooth and fast. :-TU


RC1 tree is closed but fixes are being made daily…

Currently with RC1…
Soon after I load my RC1, I’ve uninstalled Chrome and Opera 9.x.
Holy ■■■■! It’s fast!!
Even with my bloody lame connection, it’s still coming in fast!
…it still has to catch up with Chrome’s start-up time, tho’.

I just tried Opera 10.
And it fail to impress me.
It loads most of my frequent news site (I’ve tried in like 8 sites) 5x times longer than it’s predecessor ver.9.x.
Opera always have a significant problem loading links/images from external site, and I think it’s getting multiply with the current 10 release.
And using the turbo mode will only worsen my problem, resulting the page failed to load at approximately 40%, and stuck right there.

I think, I’ll stay with FF plus Chrome as backup.

Firefox killed IE.

Hip hip horray hip hip horray hip hip horray! ;D

I still remember when Microsoft killed Netscape Navigator.

The release notes:

And shows RC2 released yesterday: - freewarefiles Resources and Information.
You can DL RC2. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info, mate.
How did you find out that pipelining in IE & Opera will slow them down?
I’ve tried you’re suggestion, and it sure does help my browsing experience.
Thanks Tarantela.

There are four settings, that I know of in fx that affect pipelining:


These can be configured, either in about:config or by creating a user.js file in your profile directory. Personally I wouldn’t use these settings, as Tarantela suggested, they can affect performance for the worse.

That was me indeed. It is interesting what Opera dev Yngve has to say:

Because, for the most part it [b]does[/b] increase performance and, usually, the servers that does choke on pipelining do so in so obvious ways that we can compensate fairly quickly (or we've blacklisted all servers of that variety).

The sites that currently cause problems, usually by skipping responses so that images appear out of order, are actually load balancers on heavy sites, and since they never say they are there, we can’t handle them easily, and skipping responses does not look any different than an ordinary response.

For that matter, I’ve seen more and more indications recently that the Mozilla team really, really, really want to enable HTTP pipelining by default (they already have an option for it).

Quick note-> RC3 now on updates


Ha, I’m on Firefox 3.6! :slight_smile: