Firefox 3.0 Release Candidate 2 RELEASED!


I’ve downloaded and installed it. I’m VERY impressed.

Firefox now starts up A LOT faster. It uses less memory. With Firefox 2, the more pages you opened, the slower my system got. This doesn’t appear to be an issue with 3.0.

I used the beta version earlier, but it would crash when visiting sites such as Yahoo Sports. No longer an issue.

I definitely recommend upgrading.

Opera 9.5 is taking forever, firefox already released 2 more before opera has.

This indeed is a very good release of Firefox 3.0, It has definitely earned it’s title as “Release Candidate”


Firefox 3 rc2 available

WTF :o

Because Mozilla was asking to sign up for the World Record “Most downloads in 24 hours”, I was expecting the final release :cry:

Greetz, Red.

I DLed RC2 the moment it was released. I happened to check just minutes after it was released. :stuck_out_tongue: RC1 was nice, but RC2 is just a whole better. There were some annoying interface issues with RC1 that seem to be gone now. Everything just works. I won’t be surprised if we see Final in two or so weeks. FF3 is worth having. FF2 was slow and really buggy, so I never used it. I used Konqueror or IE7.

Firefox 2 was indeed SLOW. I am very happy with the second RC of Firefox 3. I wouldn’t be surprised the next release is final.

Then Mozilla needs to work on the security holes 88)


I’m using firefox nightly,which can be updated everyday.:SMLR

I’m using FF 3 RC 2, and sure it’s better than v 2, but it does not start as quickly as IE6. There are other minor things I don’t like either, but still, FF 3 is the best browser around if you ask me. :-TU


I think it’s because Microsoft have added so many autostart-programs which are related to IE.
In fact, firefox on my computer needs about 5 seconds to start when it starts for the first time. Then it starts just after I double-click the icon, really quick. I use only two add-ons, Flashgot and Mediawrap. :SMLR

Yeah, IE is deeply integrated with the OS, from what I’ve heard. Also, version 6 is really small. But once the browser has started, it’s worth using Firefox, there are so many advantages.


is the comodo safe surf toolbar supposed to work on this?

if not, am i still getting the BO protection?

Been using the last RC for a while…
And beginning to miss a few options from the old version.

…like the missing “Sort by name” options from the Bookmarks drop-down menu.

It really bothers me, when this thing actually happens not because of; someone forgot to put the code, but they decide to remove the function entirely!

Why would anyone do that?

Sorting hundreds of bookmarks in 2 click away is always a welcome feature, if you ask me.
Yet, they insist; it’s better to make us go through the “Organize Bookmarks” windows to get it done.

I’ve filed a bug report to this matter, and found there’s more people complaint and an already challenging debate going over their bug report forum → <a href=400447 - Right-clicking a bookmark no longer allows a "Sort By Name" to sort the item within its parent / doing so on a folder sorts its contents">here.

Seems like RC3 is here, at least has a link.

Longing for the final v 3.0, portable, EN-UK…


I tried it on RC 1 which did not work.


thanks LeoniAquila (R)

Thanks, Leon.

You know… sometimes I get the impression, that you’ve been camping around 24/7.
Like… when they’re domain expired, you’re the one who report it back here.

…I think Xan was right.
You’re a slave! …the digital one.

Work slave! Work!

I do visit and once or twice per day, being the update freak. 88)