FireFox 3.0 compatibility

I see others were having issues with FireFox 3.0 and, while trying to resolve our own issues, my hosting company pointed me to this article on PC World

I’m curious if anyone from Comodo will comment on this. I sent this to the tech support person at comodo that was working on our case but never received a reply.


What sort of issues are you having?

I love the warnings that Firefox displays. It helps to more accurately diagnose things for your standard user and provides one with plenty of information about the certificate. I like it especially for Self-Signed ones as it allows me to do my own trusting of the certificate. If I want to accept it, I can, if not… OH WELL!

You can always turn those warnings off via modifying the “hidden” config file inside firefox.

The issue is a warning saying that the certificate is not valid but I can always accept it if I want.

Sal, I’m not worried about how to turn off the warning. My concern is that people that get to our shopping will get a warning that the certificate is not valid. FireFox 3.0 accounts for over 15% of of the visitors to our site.

The point being that the certificate is not only important because it shows you to be a valid site, it is the trust and comfort level it gives to visitors. If they don’t feel warm and fuzzy then they will not buy.

What site is yours? I suspect your certificates are not installed fully. I’ll check to see if its installed properly.

Our site is thanks for checking in to this.


Whoa. Your server is not presenting the appropriate certificate chain. It is quite abnormal. We should only see at max 6, but it seems that your server is presenting an invalid certificate chain. Can you please open a ticket on our support site? Subject would be: “ Attn: Sal”. There are some things I would like to discuss with you instead of airing them out here.