Firefox 3.0 cannot save html(full), security zone policy problem.!

??? Urgent … HELP PLS!
I’m using Comodo Firewall Pro version, Serial = FC2D5C3B911E42d5A5DDF60C7F5D3969.

What I understand is when I save a webpage in html(full), firefox downloads that page.
but after I installed Comodo FP, I cannot save those web pages in normal way (which is Ctrl+S in web browser view).

So I need to download each n’ everyone of those by downloaders… !!!
It’s so annoying and I cannot figure out how to change that security zone policy…
Due to nature of my job, I gotta surf web a lot, n’ this problem is really delaying me…
Can someone please figure it out for me?? thanks…


Oh… sorry…

My office network is behind a proxy too.
I hav to use that proxy as it’s a must do. :stuck_out_tongue:
is that the problem ???

Can you check something

Defense>Advance>Computer Security Policy>C:\Program Files\Mozzila Firefox\Firefox.exe>ACCESS RIGHTS>

“Interprocess Memory Access > (See if explorer.exe is there)”

Yes. There r 2 apps. FDM & Window explorer. What should I do?

Remove Firefox Defense+ rule and let CFP learn it again.

CTRL+S works fine here so maybe it’s a D+ rule issue.

As Gibran Says, That Should Work,

If Not Please Tell Us So