Firefox 3.0.1 Clear Cache --> cmdagent.exe Lag [resolved]

Hi Comodo,

Thanks for a great, feature-filled, free product. I’ve come across something that may be a bug, or perhaps just cmdagent doing it’s job a little too well, that might be good to address in the next release:

Using Firefox 3.0.1 and Comodo (I also have Kaspersky AV installed, however the problem appears to occur outside of Kaspersky doing anything) … System specs are pretty benign, AMD 1800, 2gigs, etc etc

Switched from a competitor firewall to Comodo, everything works fine, except when I go to clear cache in firefox. I ran across this problem when exiting firefox, as I had firefox set to automatically clear my cache on exit. So, whether I let it clear it on exit, or manually do it from within firefox’s Tools menu, I get terrible, terrible lag. cmdagent.exe starts using 98%+ CPU for a period of about 2 minutes. Without comodo, firefox cache clears pretty much instantly. I’ve verified that it’s the cache clearing, not cookies clearing or any of the other Private Data settings in firefox. It’s simply when the cache clears. This happens even after minimal browsing (like opening one web page, then clearing cache.)

I have tried setting firefox to a trusted application, I’ve tried giving it all permissions under the D+ part of Comodo.

Right now, I have to run firefox without the auto-cache clear, because it’s so disabling when I close firefox. Any other workarounds or ideas would be helpful, but I’m guessing what this is, is comodo basically doing its job and catching all the file delete hooks that firefox is sending out to clear the cache.

It’s not a huge deal, and I’m still very satisfied with the firewall, but perhaps it’s something that can be worked on for the next build to improve compatibility with firefox.


set Firefox as a web browser and see how that works for you :slight_smile:

This doesn’t seem like a Comodo problem. Why dont you just use the most popular tool inthe world. CCleaner

frogger) Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, even with Firefox set as a Web Browser and as a Trusted Application, the problem persists.

Vettetech) Please provide the rationale why having cmdagent.exe consume 98% of CPU for 2 minutes doesn’t seem like a Comodo problem. I think it is a poor solution to recommend a 3rd party program to overcome a failure in Comodo’s integration with firefox.

Well I did what you said I on my set up and no problems at all clearing the cache automatically from Firefox. CCleaner is the most popular tool in the world for clearing out cachce,cookies and temp files.

For anyone who has this problem in the future, I found a solution:

Comodo had generated 6000+ entries in it’s “My Pending Files” section of D+, all of which were in firefox’s cache directory. The File names were highly suspicious for some sort of error, as they all had paths similar to: “…/Local Settings/Application Data/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/xxxxx/Cache/Cache.Trash/Cache/Cache.Trash/Cache/Cache.Trash…etc” you get the idea. Anyway, needless to say, these files didn’t actually exist. So, hitting the “Purge” Option under Comodo->Defense±>Common Tasks->My Pending Files took a couple minutes, and Comodo figured out that those files weren’t actually there. After Removing them from the list, the lag issue was resolved, and firefox now clears cache without delay.

I still don’t know why Vettetech blindly insisted it wasn’t a Comodo problem and didn’t even try to think of possibilities. Recommending a 3rd party solution rather than fixing the software problem at hand remains a silly solution.

Here’s hoping this helps others who have this lag issue.

Thanks fireturtle.

This exact issue has been plaguing me for a while now. Every time I closed Firefox & emptied the cache, cmdagent.exe would max out one of my CPU cores for up to 10 minutes. Like you, I had tried setting Firefox to Web Browser & Trusted Application status without success. Your solution worked beautifully. This is obviously a bug in what I have otherwise found to be a fine product.

I agree Vettetech’s response was poor. This is unequivocally a Comodo problem & dismissively suggesting a third party solution comes off as sounding arrogant. Hopefully the development team will take this on board & implement a fix in the next build.


issue solved. locked :-TU
great job squirtle fireturtle ;D (kidding mate :slight_smile: )
oh, and pls post the bug here

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