Firefox 3.0.1 and Commodo Firewall - multiple strangeness [SOLVED]


I am somewhat worried that my firefox may be trojaned.

I reinstalled several times, my system is newly set up and antivir checks everything clear. Also hijackthis does not report anything strange.

But Firefox generates strange messages from Commodo Defense+:

.) firefox.exe want to access esent.dll (service message control)
.) firefox.exe wants to access a pseudo-com interface spoolss
.) firefox wants to “Firefox.exe is trying to access display screen” (after I denied the above).

After denying all the above, the browser continues to work normally - strange?

The “firefox.exe” checks ok with md5 checksum with a newly downloaded file from

Could a trojan/virus from my profile manipulate my firefox.exe to do these things?
Does anybody else see this behaviour?
Is it worrying? I’m stumped.

Best wishes,


This is normal. Don’t worry :slight_smile:

It’s just the “features” that Firefox has calls for these things but doesn’t need…

I’ve these alerts before… you can allow them safely…


(Sorry for late reply)

Hey CGPMaster,

thanks for your answer, sounds very reassuring :slight_smile:

Best Wishes,

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