Firefox 2 is on the loose...

Hey all,

Firefox 2 is available to those who didn’t know…

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Unfortunately, I can’t find a theme with the mail tab to check outlook anymore. Will have to look into this.


Just a note, there have been issues with it, I myself can’t get my mail tab back, others lose bookmarks, other settings, etc…A WORD OF CAUTION… if you install 2.0 , make sure you back up your bookmarks and ALL other settings in case going back as I did. I could no longer find Noia Extreme for version 1 FF, so I had it on my pc luckily, not saying if I didn’t search the web that I couldn’t find it somewhere but for those who don’t have time or patience to search, BACK UP SETTINGS and don’t delete your old setup version.
That’s all for now. :wink:


How do you backup bookmarks?

Bookmarks, Manage, File, Export :slight_smile: Just make a folder, in they go!


Another way to backup bookmarks is to copy the bookmarks file, and paste it to another folder. I also do this with my cookies and blocked cookies files. Then if needs be, you can simply copy them back to your profile.

TNX very much for that update; good to know ahead of time.

The following link will enable you to download a firefox extension (called Get Mail 2.5) that replaces the Mail button on Firefox 2:

Thanks for the tip!
paul will cry :cry: out of happiness… ;D

And I did. Thanks again for that tip anderow. :slight_smile: