Firefox + VE Trouble

Hi, I’ve just discovered some bug in VE. I used Firefox and had some troubles when I accessed (my internetbanking website, which was always recognized by VE). Login into my account was always OK but after that it always froze (the whole FF) no matter on which button I clicked. Sometimes it froze immediately after 30 sec working with internetbanking sometimes after 5 minutes. I don’t remember having this issue on other sites, the truth is that’s the only one inetbank. I use. Why I think that VE caused this trouble ? Well, I started FF in safe mode and didn’t have any trouble with freezing on whatsoever. So my next step was that I started FF in normal mode and disabled all add-ons. Again no troubles whatsoever. When I enabled only VE the issue was back (freezing). So sadly I unnistaled VE and I’ll be waiting for some fix, because I think it’s still a great security tool and I was more than happy to use it for some time. Anyway you’re doing a great job guys, hope you fix it soon.

Updated: Just realized that in fact I use another internetbanking and I haven’t experienced any trouble at all. So I guess the issue must be just between VE and