firefox and Comodo Pro V3

Hello all,

I am new in this forum, and with Comodo as well (and not expert at all with firewalls)

When I quit Firefox(, the process cmdagent.exe is looping for many minutes,
while my PC gets completely frosen. As I have also a laptop at my home, I discovered
on it with Google that cmdagent.exe belongs to COMODO and that are several threads
describing similar symtoms (cmdagent.exe eating the whole CPU) but in reading the
answers I am unable to really understand what is really going on and the way I can
solve this.

In my case, after about a dozen of minutes or even more, cmdagent.exe at last
terminates by itself. What kind of work was it doing while runniing all this time ?

I have then tried to uninstall Comodo firewall, but this has absolutely no effect :
the same situation comes back again after re-installation.

Other navigators (Ie7, safari) don’t have similar problem.

I had to add a specific plugin to FF in order to make a PandaActive scan for another
problem opened I have on another forum. Could this have a link with my problem ?

Should I re-install FF ?

Can somebody give me an hint in order to get out of this problem ?

I use Avast 4.8 free, I switched from ZA free to Comodo about a month ago.

Would a HijackThis help ?

Thanks in advance for any answers.

My PC : Windows XP SP3

Firefox 3 is out (Now 3.0.1 for security updates/enhancements/fixes)

Uninstall FF 2 and see if FF 3 solves your prob :slight_smile:


I highly recommend doing a complete uninstall of Firefox. Clean out everything and reboot. Install Firefox 3.01. I use Revo Uninstaller in advanced mode. Also see here.

Hello, thanks for the reply, I have so removed FF2 (using the standard method) and
installed FF3 latest available version, and I have still the same problem : cmdagent.exe
looping full speed for ever, now for more than 45 minutes (:SAD). It looks as if it takes
more time each time I quit FF, even with FF3 (some cumulative process ?)

I have this morning done a boot time Avast scan with no detection, along with a
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware run, no detection.

Really, what can I do ? This looks so strange …

(Well, I have created a restore point 2 or 3 weeks ago, but I would like to try to solve
this problem, before using it)

Thanks fror the answer, I will uninstall FF3, and re-install it, using the Revo tool, with reboot
in between …
I am currently trying to grab some info about it.

You mean that you will uninstall Firefox 2.0.016 and then install Firefox 3.01 is that what you mean? also be sure all traces of ZA are gone.

Also be sure to remove all traces of Firefox in the firewall and D+ sections of Comodo. Make Firefox a web browser under the firewall policy of Comodo.

No, FF is already uninstalled, I have now FF 3.0.1 installed, but this all was done
following the so called normal method, althought I had problems with some modules as
Myspell (french 1.6.1 version could not be replaced by the 2.0 version),so not using the
Revo uninstall tool that is new for me.
For ZA, I used this way also, and apparently all worked fine for the ZA removal.
Are they some means to check that all ?

Well I was going off your first post and you said nothing about already having Firefox 3.01. You should do as the link states to remove all traces of ZA.

How do I “remove traces” of FF in the firewall ?
How do I make FF a web browser for Comodo ? I have’nt touched anything within
Comodo, which is installed with its default settings.

But I have changed a few things in the FF options (as wipe away my tracks when
closing FF, etc).

Sorry, I do not much know about Comodo which is new for me (installed for the 1st
time during June/July).

Ok lets do this. Open up Comodo and go to the Firewall tab. Then click on Advanced and go to the Network Security Policy. Here you will see all your programs listed. Find Firefox and right click on it and select edit. Then from the predefined policy’s select web browser and click apply. Now go to the D+ tab and then Advanced. Go to the the Computer Security Policy and find Firefox and make it trusted. Also no need to have Firefox set to wipe traces. Use what 90% of people use. CCleaner. That way there you can keep what cookies you want to keep.

OK, I am back now and just reading your answer, and reading also the manual, very interesting indead, even if
I am not at all an expert in the domain …

In the meantime, I have discovered that if, at FF3 closing time, I do not request to wipe away my tracks
(as I do usually), but select “annuler” instead (I have the french version), then cmdagent.exe is not looping
any more, and FF exits apparently normaly.

Are the settings you suggest for FF3 (web browser policy) mandatory, or optional ? I do not really understand
how FF2 could have work apparently as usual with no problem for some time and almost suddendly fall into this
endless loop problem … (last one was 48 minutes before ending).

Shall I now apply your suggested settings ? (I wanted to let you about my “discovery” prior going on)

I have Safari also installed, (I use it occasionnaly) should I apply also the same Network and D+ policies for it ?

Firefox is known to become corrupt over time so some house cleaning always works wonders. Any web browser should be selected as a web browser under the firewall policy. You can do the same with Safari but I am highly against installing any kind of MAC software on my pc.

This is NOT true 100% of the time!
You need to stop responding as if this is an absolute!

Ok but then why does it fix all problems. My cousin just called me and stated his Firefox was slow so he did a complete uninstall and reinstall then presto. Problem fixed and Firefox is back up to speed. If you have any better suggestions then be my guest. I am trying to help this person which apparently you aren’t. So unless you can add to this thread I suggest you leave the petty comments to yourself. The maker of Tweakguides knows what he is talking about. Koroush Ghazi makes tons of tweaks for games and other software. Here is a quote straight from him.

Importantly: I strongly recommend that anyone who has an older Firefox version does a full uninstall and cleanout of all traces of their previous Firefox version (as detailed further below) before installing Firefox 3, otherwise some of the new features above may not function properly.

Here is another quote

by bmora96 - 2/22/08 4:37 AM
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Uninstall firefox and all of its components. then reinstall. it should work faster. or go to wikihow and look in computer and tech. go into hacks and there should be a site that says speed up firefox. here i’ll even give u the site…


Problem: You cannot imagine life without Firefox but over time, your favorite browser keeps getting slower and slower.

Not only is it slow, Firefox sometimes hangs for no reason, consumes a large amount of memory and CPU usage can climb to 90% or more when you have multiple tabs open simultaneously.

You have uninstalled most of the extensions and toolbars, deleted all the cookies and internet temporary files, cleared up the file download queue and disabled the background check for software updates - but none of this has helped you speed-up Firefox.

Here is the site which tells you how to do it with uninstalling it but either way proof that Firefox slows down over time.

Many thanks, M. Vettetech, for all the info and the links you provided me. As I have to leave for several days,
and a lot of readings to do (among them the Tweaking Guide for FF3), and temporaly found the way to avoid my
problem, I have postponed the settings you suggest for Comodo. I would like to re-install FF3 from a clean startup
point and better understand the relationship between FF and the Comodo settings. So I might come back here
later on, for newer questions.
Thanks again.

I see it’s easy enough to save your bookmarks, but how about your extentions?

Most extensions from Firefox 2.0 are not compatible with 3.0. Its is very easy just to re download them again. If you go to the Firefox add on site you may find an extension back up program.