Firefox load times question.

Since this update, Ff takes about four times longer to load. I’ve discovered that if Comodo is disabled, the load times are back to normal. Is there anyway to configure Comodo to recognize Ff faster and allow it to load? Thank You!

Be sure Firefox is selected as a browser under then firewall tab and trusted under the D+ tab. If you have any extensions be sure those don’t give you a D+ pop up. Flashgot gives me one.

The problem seems to be connected with my “network firewall is not functioning properly” issue… Firefox uses some internal communication over the loopback interface. Comodo seems to intercept and block some of this, causing Firefox to start up very slowly - if at all. On systems where Comodo seems to operate fine, Firefox shows the delay (can be reduced by generally permitting loopback traffic without restrictions). On systems with “network firewall is not functioning properly”, Firefox does not seems to start at all or only with a delay of 1-2 minutes. When it’s finally up, DNS resolution and other network-related operations may not work.

No problem whatsoever with Comodo 2.4.


Ya, I think something is up with Firefox and CFP v3.0.21…
Not sure if I have the load issue but as I reported in another thread, there is a significant delay both at the start and the end of a download… the entire session with all the tabs freeze for 5-10 seconds…
Somewhat annoying.
Firefox’s fault? ???

I haven’t noticed any problems. (:LOV)

Loads very quickly for me. About 2-3 secs.