fire wall and other kinds of help,,,,need help please [resolved]


first my pc spects.
dell dimension 2400
windows xp home , SP3.
32 bit .
1 gig of ram.

all these programs versions are the most up-to-date versions as of today

avg free 8.0.233
Comodo Internet Security
spybot search and distroy
spyware blaster

ok, please foregive me if i posted this in the wrong area,

ok i just installed Comodo Internet Security on 2-4-2009 .

i un-installed the old comodo firewall
before installing the new one.

but i only installed the firewall part of it with out the safe search.

so far the settings are:

network defense is in safe made
proactive is in clean pc mode
and the firewall is in safe mode

is this good enough ?.
or should i up my settings some where ?.
and if so how ?.

(:NRD) i’m alittle slow at this.

i thank all those who can help me out.

the default setting is good enough. no need to worry (:WAV)

ok,cool, one more question.
i have the all new yahoo messenger 9.0(most recent version)
i cant seem to get my LaunchCast music radio plugin to work .
plus i could not transfer a file to my friend.

could comodo be blocking that some how ?.
i like listening to yahoo music ,through yahoo messenger.
the yahoo tech guys could not help.
i have the most up-to-date java installed.
windows media players is up to date too.

any idea’s ?.

I would recommend the following settings

Firewall settings - Custom Policy Mode (This will give a pop up when any program tries to connect internet. Sage Mode is okay too if you do not like the pop ups, but then all the whitelisted programs will be automatically allowed by the firewall, which you may not want). The existing policies can be reviewed at CIS>Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy.

Defense+ Settings (or Proactive Settings in summary) - I would recommend ‘Safe Mode’ as you will get the advantage of automatic permissions by Comodo for ‘safe’ programs in the computer. However, clean pc mode seems to be the prefered mode, where you can verify the files in your computer. If you use ‘clean pc mode’ Remember to verify the files ‘___ files pending for review’ under proactive defense. You can double click on the list and move them to either myown safe files or give a comodo look up to verify the files.

To check your problems

Since you use ‘cleanpc mode’ and if you have recently updated yahoo messager, there will be files belonging to ‘yahoo’ in pending review under ‘proactive defense’. If any, then first move them to ‘myown safe files’.

Change your defese+ mode to ‘training mode’ (Right click CIS tray icon>Defense+ security level>training mode)

Run Yahoo Messenger and try Launchcast.

If yuo have not told defense+ to block it earlier, this should do.

:BNC this is to “layman”.

thanks , i like those settings,i like to have more control over what and when .
as for my yahoo, i just think its this new “yahoo messenger”,
they have updated the program so many times already ever since it came out of beta.
they just put out a new version again,lol.

just go to and u can see how many times they up dated already,lol.

yahoo messenger never had these problems,

but i’m not going back to the old version.

and thanks to all of those who helped me so far.

Glad to know that.

resolved & locked :P0l
pls PM any online mod if you wish to reopen the thread