Fire fox won't work through sandboxie

:o I am new to comodo. I ran Zonealarm for quite sometime on several computers and have tried other firewalls briefely (latest was the new betta version of Bitdefender)

Sandboxie in case you haven’t herd of it is a program that I think sets between any application that you set to run in it and the internet. Everything is done inside of the sand box (kind of a virtual operateing system) so that anything that happens that is bad won’t affect your real system but can be erased by deleting everything inside the sand box.

And here is my sofar minor problem. I use firefox as a secondary browser. It will run by itself just fine but if I set sandboxie to force it to run through it I get 2 popups of security considerations and if I click allow both times firefox will fire up and run just fine as far as I can tell . :stuck_out_tongue:

This is because Sandboxie hooks to the application so that its changes are not made to the real hard disks. Right now it is not possible have Comodo remember these choices but I heard that you can disable Application Behavior Analysis and that the alerts / popups will disappear. (You will lose on the leaktests though)
Good Luck! :slight_smile: