Finnish firm finds hard-to-detect online attacks, new threat category

Stonesoft said it has found a new threat category -- advanced evasion techniques (AETs) -- which simultaneously combine different evasions in several layers of networks, and in the process become invisible for security gear.

While evasions – tools hackers often use to penetrate network security – are nothing new, AETs package them in new ways to let attackers bypass most firewalls and intrusion detection and prevention systems (IPS) without being detected.

Anybody can test a sample of these against Comodo?

Come on… You think that you are fort knox by using windows?
Been done before by these guys

Gov’s have unlimited access to your pc any time, any place…
As for hackers, think of them as government employees for hire… >:-D
Nothing to see here, citizens, move along…
My favorite:

Who knows what they have now… 88)
Edit: I know

Best security is to never have lived.

In the internet world is to never have connected at all that is to pull the plug. . .

In the world of wireless mobile communication is to pull out the battery

In the world of just being is to stop being which is not possible but there are instances where intruder may be felt or found out but never to prevent AFAIK. In the larger picture the holy God’s keeping eye on everything and everyone even those who have receded to death. Nothing escapes and nothing’s forgotten forever . . .if you think is that’s nothing and not realize the gravity wait until a good stranger on God’s behalf tell you everything you were and are and everything you’re going to say, dream and do. . . .and you thought fiction was crazy enough . . .


Double post:

Besides you are not a 1.000.000+ dollar company so your basic internet scaremongering.

Paranoia +1 88)
Stop using electricity and go live somewhere in the woods.

CIS 5 Premium, MBAM Pro, Shadow Defender, Web Security Guard, Sandboxie, System Protect, SAS Free, EMET 2

That’s how paranoid I am… O0 :-TU

Comodo Firewall

Comodo Antivirus

Comodo Cloud Scanners

Comodo Defense +

Comodo Auto Sandbox

Comodo Manual Sandbox

Comodo DNS Servers

Comodo Threatcast (Upcoming Feature)

Comodo DACS (Upcoming Feature)

Comodo CCE (Upcoming Feature)

Thats How Paranoid I am!!!

Hav Fun

;D ;D ;D ;D :-TU
EDIT: Threatcast upcoming feature, are you kidding? That thing’s been with us since version… I dunno, before? Maybe 3?
That green and red thing who allowed and denied what and how many of them?

What is Comodo CCE?

Comodo Cleaner Essentials, to keep Infected PC Clean so you could install Comodo safely.

I believe it will be a standalone product while CIS will have detection/prevention, CSS will have only cleaning capability.
DACS will be responsible for increasing detection rate…

Threatcast is returning with improved & new features - Melih’s Statement

CCE - Comodo Cleaning Essentials - Melih’s Statement

Thanks for the update! :-TU

Thanks, but still there is nothing new about DACS? I mean, we only know that will increase the detections… any other information?

I had read somewhere in the forum here that Mods got the standalone version of DACS. But they cannot unfold anything about DACS.

Atleast they can tell us howz detection with DACS going on, wot say???

Hav Fun

Hehe, I know too !
Don’t know if you haven’t already seen this, but some things they mention in those links/forums is also covered here:

Is alot to watch, it raises alot of questions but it also answers some questions !
If you watch these you will understand why there will always be MALWARE and why we will never have 100% security and privacy ! And even if we would have them, THEY would want to control them under false pretences ! THEY already begun to implement those false pretentions, one of them being 911. THEY’ve already started to gather people under the false pretence called Terrorism ! All THEY want is to CONTROL THE WORLD ! RFID anyone ?!

Nice to see a fellow conspiracy theorist brother :wink: AboveTopSecret here.
Thnx for the vids, will check out tonight…
I assume all of those could be sum up as TPTB [the people that be] want to keep people in fear so they could control them. Terrorist this, terrorist that, and once in a while they organize some Hollywood explosions just to keep people in line. With strong police, you could do wonders! :-TU
Same with malware. We’ve seen Symantec and ZoneLabs [now known as scareware] terrorize users into [Buy us and be protected or suffer the consequences]. They keep people in fear [check out Symante’s vids, pure terror] so they could keep they keep subscriptions going… :P0l

EDIT: I have a vid for you too :wink: