Finite timeout?

I want to ask, what happens when the timeout of defense plus (which is 120 seconds) has finished? Will comodo accept or deny by itself?
For example, if I am doing a long installation, does comodo allow me to go away for some minutes and then answer the questions? Or will it have denied the questions automaticly and ■■■■■ the application?

I believe there must be an option to leave the alerts on screen indefinately, untill the user answers (if there already isn’t somewhere hidden), because it is too lame, having to look at the screen all the time for the possibility that comodo will randomly deny trusted applications to do their job, even if the user has taken all the time to set policies at which application is trusted and which not…

Every other security software I’ve used tends to leave the decision making to the user, consequently leaving each question about action to take indefinately on the screen by default

Hi Achilleas, welcome to the forums.

CIS will deny the request. However, in most cases the request (whatever it is) will time-out itself before CIS gets a chance to say ACCESS DENIED. Often, it will be instantly. Mainly since the requesting application might not be coded to deal with being denied whatever it was it asked for (Defense+ is a very good testing tool for this reason). Firewall alerts are the exception. They often try & retry many, many times, with long time-outs. Obviously, what they’re after (network access) may very well not be working for many possible reasons. So, they’re coded to cope with it.

Alert time-out: In each component (Firewall, Defense+ and AV) there is an option to change the Alert timeout in seconds. Keep an alert on screen for maximum (n) seconds. Perhaps that will help?

Alert decisions: Have you tried using ThreatCast? That basically tells you how everybody else answered the alert (Allow or Block).

I wish, CIS has an infinite timeout for the alert screens, because sometimes, I leave the computer für more than 17 min. (999 sec) and it happened than sometimes, that the alert screen is away and the taskbar is crashed, because services.exe wants an access to somewhat and CIS blocked this automatic.

Cimba, you can add your request in the GUI -Graphical User Interface - Wishlist board.