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I am tired of the constant upgrades of Foxfire that kill off my Add-Ons. Also not real happy with the security on Foxfire heard about Ice Dragon and decided to give it a try. Can’t get RoboForm to work with Ice Dragon, downloaded RoboForm Lite and it worked on most sites. Apparently a few minutes ago Ice Dragon was upgraded and RoboForm stopped working. I now have Foxfire 17 behind Ice Dragon and Add-On problems. Shame on me for not disabling the auto update.

Read the form and the Staff comments about RoboForm. Don’t know which one of you is to blame but ■■■■ get you act together and get together and get some compatibility. If you two companies can’t stand each other or one of you is just stupid figure out how to resolve your problems and get things fixed for the sake of your customers. And none of this…WHAT Ice Dragon is free and you will just have to put up with it till things work out. If anyone there thinks that just fold-up your tent and move on.

As you can tell I am in a rotten mood and not happy with Monzilla, Ice Dragon and maybe RoboForm. I would happily pay for a good browser (not one based on Monzilla). I pay for a lot of software and why not for a good browser that doesn’t throw their customers in the dirt or spy on them.

It must be time for a long look at web browsers and until then maybe Explorer is the way to go except when certain extensions are need. I can’t believe I just said that…

Hi and welcome dfmklsdfa,
Sorry to here that you are a little unhappy. :slight_smile:
Have you considered trying Comodo Dragon, that is my personal preference?
IMO it is more secure, simplistic, reliable and also quite functional with extension ability.
Comodo Dragon Forum
Comodo Dragon Homepage

Updating a browser often does break an extension.

The browser developers can’t possibly test their new code with every extension out there. And even if they did, should they really not make an improvement because it breaks an extension? I personally don’t think so.

As the extension is designed as a helper to the browser, It is completely up to the developer of the extension to ensure that their extension works on the new browser code.

It has absolutely nothing to do with how well two companies like each other.