Hi Guys.

I would like to point out that is simply a Scam. They Claim to Boost your internet by 375% (IMPOSSIBLE). Here are some videos about them:

Comodo AV Detects them, and so does Malwarebytes and a few others. Also when you do uninstall their software, CIS will Alert you of a Buffer Overflow Attack. I attached some Screen shots of the detections, And when then they install stuff on your desktop without your permission.

Please spread the word and encourage people NOT to buy their products.


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You got to hate a company like that. (:AGY) (:AGY)
Well I hope they don’t fool too many. =/

Yes, it’s good to know about these fakes, but there are tons more that are similar. It would take too much room to post all of them, so why do it with some?

The low quality/budget production values on their TV spot is a clue! (:WIN) (:TNG)

Their marketing campaign seems to aim at the uninformed computer user. The uninformed user (whose computer is now full of malware because they don’t know/don’t care about prevention) has already been taken in by the malware, so why not take advantage of that and take advantage of them again?

The computer world needs education, education, and more education.


These guys are different because they have an number on there site that works and you can call. I called them to ask “How do you guys exactly speed up the internet by 375%? Will it work on dialup?” I got hung up on. Called a Second time, And this guy was really bad - He said “Hi” first and I said “Hi” and he goes “Yeah what?” And I said I wanted to ask a few questions about his products…

He said “No! I don’t give a you-know-what what you want to ask. Give me your credit card number and I will answer the questions for you”

Rouge Apps/Adware apps aren’t common to have real people answers calls. So FinallyFast is pretty special.


hey man, that is terrible!!! the way he answers you, shows that guy is sick… (:AGY)

I also see that defense + has isolated explorer.exe,how did you managed to safe your pc? :slight_smile:


check this out, it is funny as hell!

Those people do not know what the hell they are saying…

the caller also called earlier, he spoke with a man, that dude says some funny stuff… but this woman is even funnier!!! (download a cd rom…???, S&D, and all that is free has a virus ???, it does stuff with dsl and settings ??? …)

I mean serious, those people just talk ■■■■ just to sound like experts and stuff and to sound like they know what they are saying, but they are fake as hell!

No swearing Darth… hehe. But what you say is 100% True. FinallyFast is run by Ascentive. If you have Site Advisor and WOT they will bring up a Red sign too and warn you when you enter the site.

Here is the website where they claim:

Hmmmm… 375% on DSL, Cable, or Dial-Up?

Anyway… Enough of my Rant. Attached more screen shots below. Rouge/Adware Behavior IMO.


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For some reason even an average user like me felt there was something weird about that company. Thanks for informing us on this though it wasn’t like I was even going to use it one bit.

Actually, I didn’t. At first I did find the Alert from CIS beta very funny actually, But I thought there was something in explorer.exe, That this companies software was causing a Buffer Overflow attack in explorer.exe So I trusted CIS and terminated explorer.exe and PC ran fine the program was unistalled. May confuse others.

It just goes to show, When you uninstall there software that will BO your PC… If you call them up and ask why CIS prevented there software uninstalling cause it called a buffer over flow attack, They will make some serious black lies up, or wont be sure, or will probably ask you what a buffer overflow attack is - Then you know these guys are totally FAKE and YOU have the advantage, They only want your money and they don’t know how there software works, i.e how exactly does it modify your PC to speed up your internet up to 375%, even on dialup? Not possible.

There commercial claims to speed up your internet by removing Spyware/Adware/JunkFiles/Registry Errors. How many free programs (CCleaner, Comodo System Cleaner) Do this? :slight_smile: If/When they say that to you on the phone how it does speed up your internet by 375% by cleaning all that stuff, You can simply say you got all those tools and want to know why there product is better to CCleaner or Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware which remove all that stuff! They will make stuff up… Fake Company, And I am not encouraging people to call by the way. This is just my call experiences with them and others.


I think I’ll called them in a very alienish voice and tell them that they have attracted the wrath of the aliens by slowing down people’s computers by 375%. >:-D

So I’m getting ready for school this morning and my TV is on and guess what…yep… commercial is on!

bsod and xp on a mac… 88)

I bet lots are getting fooled by it.


bsod and xp on a mac is possible if you presume they are using boot camp to create a dual boot on a mac machine… :wink:

yea…that’s sure sounds like something’s target audience would know how to do. 88)


Wow this is bad. They have phone operators and are on the TV too…

and on their website it says they are an MS certified partner… 88)

Here is the CIMA Analysis of their program that claims to boost your internet by 375%

• Files Hidden
C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temp{F91AF76A-0513-467A-91AC-8E2E9D079D42}\core5e14.rra

• Verdict
Auto Analysis Verdict
Rated as Suspicious�

• Description
Suspicious Actions Detected
Hides files from user


That is not the point… the point is: the thing you see could be based on reality and could be reproducible… and if the audience is too dumb to recognize fake promises, than you also must not to expect them to recognize a BSOD on a mac…

I’m just not a user of Apple/Mac. Which IMHO, doesn’t mean I can’t tell a fake promise from a genuine one.

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No idea, unstickied :slight_smile:

thanks for this Kyle (we’ve gotta do a new cleaning up round in the forums)