Finally, Windows 8 TIFKAM on the desktop!

This makes Windows 8 much more usable, if only MS had done this. The Interface formally known as Metro on the desktop :-TU

How to get Metro apps in a window on your desktop

That’s a very nice and useful tool. It makes Windows 8 a more integrated experience I would say after just reading the article.

Metro is just broken by design on pc. No other 3’rd party app can fix that.
W8 is practically unusable without some “start button” app.

With a start button it is like a faster Win 7. For those who like their apps TTIFKAM seems another great addition.

I have been trying this for a little while now and I have to say that I love it. Recommended to anyone using Windows 8 and who also uses metro/Windows 8 applications.

GREAT Find ! I do not have the budget to replace my PC any time soon :frowning:

I passed on the link to a coworker who has also been frustrated in how Windows8.

His response was that after reading the article, he downloaded both, and the latest made a big difference now with his attitude towards Windows8.


At UncleDoug. If you want to try Win 8 you can download the Enterprise evaluation edition from Microsoft. You can install it side by side with your current Windows OS. Beware that the default option of the installer is to upgrade your current OS.

That will run 90 days. After 90 days you rearm it so you can use for another 90 days. I am running this version on my netbook. Rearming is a legit action that Windows provides; it is not a ■■■■■.

Here’s another way to make Windows 8 more useful:

Toolbox for Windows 8