Finally succeeded to up date about 10PM (1/20). One time it made it to 99% and

failed, so keep trying!

Yes, COMODO seems to use a really poor connection, compared with the need they have created.
I have tried for two days, and can’t even connect. Not by their website and not by the program’s update function.

And there are no alternative sites to download from, for example

I have not seen anything like this before.
Quite bad…

actually there is an alternative site to download the latest (along with the old) versions from.

the thing is though, this is the fresh install of the newest version so you will have to uninstall the previous version, which will delete all your settings.

EDIT: just to let you know, the link I gave above is the English version.

I got a copy from filehippo url. Yesterday I installed the cpf v2.4.16.174 it run well. Until the next day the automatic updater informed me that an update is available. The updater can’t update it and stop at 11%, gave up by saying error.
Is the updater launch a false alarm to update because I already install cpf cpf v2.4.16.174 or indeed there is a newer version?
Best Regards.

i like the firewall but what good is it if you can’t update . same prb here

Unfortunately, Comodo was upgrading their web presence (hardware, etc) in order to better support their users, at the same time the final release of 2.4 was active.

Due to the upgrades-in-progress and the overwhelming demand on their servers, there were a lot of issues over the weekend.

I got 2.4 from them this morning without difficulty.

fhkh, regarding your issue, I cannot say, since filehippo is kind of doing their own thing there. You might want to uninstall what you got there, download 2.4 from Comodo’s website, and reinstall.


come on guys… giz a break!! (:HUG)

we have now increased our servers to handle 4 times the load … and we will continue to increase it.

Hopefully this was first and last time we have seen the issue with upgrading…


No problem here ;D. I guess I hit the servers at just the right time.