Finally! I found you COMODO!


After spending hours, days, months testing firewalls, I finally found a firewall that could replace my Norton Personal Firewall. This is my story…

I’ve been using firewall since the beginning of DOS attack years ago, I started using Conceal firewall, I think was the first software firewall in that time, Conceal firewall started to has so many problems until they decided to stop it, so I tried Zone Alarm and it was the worse firewall that I’ve ever tested before, so then, I tried @guard or Atguard, I was happy because that firewall was the best one in that time until Symantec bought it in 1999.

I was forced to use Norton Personal Firewall or NIS because they use Atguard technologies, but now, thank you to COMODO, I can live again :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you so much, and… Please… if you have in mind to sell COMODO Firewall Technology to Norton, PLEASE DON’T DO IT, I don’t mind to buy COMODO firewall I know it’s free but I really love it… I know still a lot of work to do with that CFP and it’s fit my position, it’s really a firewall to Mid-to-Expert users but I know you going to make it easy for everybody…

Thank you again,


PS: Sorry if I’m posting in the wrong section…

Welcome to the forums, sukito (:WAV)

And thank you for the kind words; glad you’ve found a new (non-Norton) home! (:HUG)

Yeah, I think your post ended up in the wrong area, but one of the Mods moved it, so no worries. If you like CFP now, just wait until version 3 comes out. It’s in early user-testing now, so it may be a month or two (just my anticipation), but when it does, I think it will be absolutely splendid!